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Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi there,

I just want to give you a little information on my process in choosing the products that I recommend to you on my website. And also to explain what a reader-supported website is.

The products that I recommend on this website come from a variety of vendors but, as an avid Amazon shopper, I do tend to purchase many of my products through Amazon and as a result, that is what I tend to recommend.

When you click on a product that I recommend on my website and it takes you to the website where that product can be purchased, I may earn a small commission from that sale. This does not impact the price you pay for the product.

What Does Reader Supported Mean?

My first goal is to provide my readers with information that is useful and relevant to them as seniors and/or caregivers of seniors.

In order to earn a small income for myself (I literally spend hundreds of hours on this website) I monetize my website with links and ads.

Are My Product / Service Recommendations Biased?

Many of these products I either have used and/or are currently using so you can trust that I recommend them through experience.

What If You Know Of A Better Product / Service?

Well, we are all in this together, aren’t we? If you know of a specific product / service that you feel is much better than what I have recommended, please email me right away! I do not claim to know all – I am simply sharing my knowledge base with you for the sole purpose of helping you to make your life and/or the lives of your senior loved ones as best as they can be!

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