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Why Aging-In-Place Home Modifications
Makes Sense…

woman researching AIP

Social, economic, and cultural factors all play a role in our decision to modify our existing home or look for an alternative. Our network of neighbors, friends, and family provide important support that help people remain active and independent in their community. However, typical home designs often do not provide a safe living environment for older adults. It is important to carefully consider many factors, including finances, safety, and quality of life when deciding where to call home.

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Click here to see what AARP says about working with Occupational Therapists on home modifications.

Benefits to Modifying Your Home 

  • Remodeling adds value to the home
  • Enhances appeal to broader markets
  • Increases comfort and safety
  • Makes your home more visitable for everyone
  • Incorporates contemporary style
  • Is less expensive than moving

Costs Associated with Moving

  • Loss of social attachments
  • The emotional and psychological effects of moving
  • Real estate commissions
  • Closing costs
  • Preparing your house for sale
  • Moving expenses
  • *No added value to property

Cost Analysis

Costs vary depending on location.

Independent Living Facility

Annual Cost
$30,000 to $48,000 – 1 person
$36,000 to $57,000 – couple

Assisted Living Facility

Annual Cost
$38,000 – 1 person
$50,400 – couple

Common Aging-In-Place Home Modifications

Kitchen Re-DesignBathroom Re-DesignOther Re-Design
aging in place kitchen remodeling tipsaging in place bathroom remodeling tipsaging in place home remodeling tips
Layout Changes

Easy to operate faucets

Easy to operate appliances

Safe Appliances

Wider hallways / doorways

Easy to reach storage

Sealed work areas

Non-glare / slip flooring

Lower counter height

Call Button / Intercom

LED Strip Lighting

Raised toilet

Grab bars

Easy to access shower stall

Seating in tub / shower

Bath tub removal

Non-glare / slip resistant flooring

Layout change

Trip hazards removal

Wider hallways / doorways

Bathroom location change

Easy to access bathtub

Call button / Intercom

Blocking inside walls
Layout changes

Easy to reach storage

Room location changes

Trip hazards removal

Wider hallways / doorways

Non-glare / slip resistant flooring

Smart technology for remote monitoring

Call button / Intercom

Installation of elevator

Wider stairways

Shaft for future elevator