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Home Modification Evaluation

Starting At $1,000 For A 1,500 sq ft Space And Under

  • Entire home is evaluated
  • Includes a detailed written report with recommended modifications
  • Links to recommended products or adaptive safety equipment
  • Images of recommended products
  • Available for consultation with your contractor, architect, or interior designer 
  • Includes measurements and conceptual drawings of a proposed space 

Common Recommendations Are:

  • Ramps if needed
  • Stairlifts if needed
  • Retrofitting for an Elevator
  • Creating at least one zero step entry into the home
  • Exterior and interior lighting
  • Security systems
  • In-home technology for remote monitoring and communication
  • How to improve air quality in the home
  • How to improve daylighting
  • Kitchen Modification
  • Bathroom Modification
  • Recommendations for low maintenance, non-slip flooring options
  • Modification of stairs to improve safety
  • Creation of accessible storage
  • Access to yard/garden
  • Multi-generational living arrangement
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)